Soul Mentor

Since I am a psychologist, I also work with people! The first thing you need to know about my work is that I’m a non traditional psychologist in every way. This means that I don’t see myself as a psychologist the way that the community maybe sees it.

I’m not here to solve your problems and safe your marriage. I’m here to mentor you to find yourself throughout the challenges of life so that you can feel the true essence in your web of thoughts and emotions.

My vision

I believe that people need to feel a trigger and have a confrontation with themselves in order to change something about the situation. This trigger is always offered by nature/life. But in my eyes, people are sometimes afraid to see and recognize this and then problems exist and grow every day.

Working to get there is working together

This is also a reason why I like to combine individual working with group working. In this way you will be able to zoom into your life outside these doors and see what happens and why it happens. This group & individual working is an accessible and pleasant way to grow consciousness about yourself. It gives you an eye opener. We always start with individual moments and then we see together what the next best step is.

What it brings you

In the beginning people are sometimes a bit skeptical about entering a group but this idea transforms really fast. The connection, the compassion, the energy flow that you feel while working in this group is amazing. You never feel alone.

The work during individual sessions is a lot about body awareness and practical steps to proceed your way.

During these individual and group gatherings we have different themes that we talk about:

  • You learn what the best way is to do something real for yourself(= true spirituality)
  • We will talk a lot about communication and how you know when you really say what you want to say
  • Every day things in life
  • I give you a lot of scientific information about the human psyche so that you understand more why things happen
  • You feel your challenges more and learn how to deal with them
  • You will grow in consciousness about yourself & others
  • A lot of humour!
  • And so on…

Asked questions:

During the day we often wonder in our heads:

  • Who am I?
  • Am I being myself?
  • What do I love to do?
  • Why am I doing that?
  • How do I find my truest self?
  • How can I be happy?

It’s lot easier to make yourself awareof this and work on it, then just trying to ignore the issues that you experience.

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