‘Who is your horse and what is he thinking?

Where does he have tension in his body?

What is his level of energy?

And what about yours?

The real truth is coming from the horse! ‘


Living and training with horses stole my heart. I was inspired through my own experiences with my horse, GUAPO. I bought him when I was so lost in life. I will not type down the story of Guapo and me (this will be for a good blog moment) but I will make it clear what it is that I do.



First of all, I’m not a hippotherapist. I don’t use horses in a therapeutic setting. Of course we could say that all life experience is therapy, but I prefer not to say it this way. For me it is an every day thing that happens in interaction with horses. I ‘soul mentor’ people in a balanced way to see and feel these dynamics. 


The mirror

In order to unravel the myths we have about these animals, to allow the mist of our own prejudices to rise, we are eventually forced to look very closely at our own species, the human being.

In doing so, it is possible that we discover a number of secrets about ourselves and the associated tendency to place thought above feeling or emotion, logic over intuition, territory over relationship, goal over process and coercion above cooperation.


The research

During the last 10 years I discovered a lot about horses and people and why they come into our lives.

When I started to observe horses and their humans I started to see and feel what was happening between them and why.

Horses and humans  have a big binding factor.We can see how horses are able to nourish humans on a physical, mental, creative and spiritual level, while also triggering a heightened sense and super-sensory awareness in people.


What will we do?

During the training sessions we will mainly focus on what your horse is trying to teach you continuously and with patience.

It is about the courage and humility, concentration and flexibility that a person must have in order to listen to that message. It is about the silent all-reflecting source that you can feel in their presence.


Nature Code ©

A lot of people ask me what method I use in this work. I combine a lot of knowledge from horsemanship, the academic art of riding, groundwork, observing nature (CODE Method ©), communication techniques and Taoïsme. I read a lot of books and I observe horses and humans a lot.

This results in a balanced combination between doing and feeling. It’s far from the so called ‘hocus pocus’ stuff but a lot of people forget the laws of nature and how nature communicates. 

This principle is something that is reincarnated within me every time I think. It’s important that people come with their own horse and work in partnership to explore riding, groundwork or focus training.


What can it bring you?

  • more real work with your horse
  • healthier horse and human
  • unity and understanding
  • compassion for challenges
  • a way to answers
  • insights for behavioral difficulties
  • more fun with your horse


Explore the partnership with your equine friend!

The only way to know what it is for you is to come and just experience.

Be welcome at our ‘Find Yourself’ academy.