Hi there, I’m Karolina!

Some people like to call me Karo, Lina or Karolien.

I’m a young woman who lives with the dedication of finding and being my truest and purest self. With this search I studied psychology at the University of Leuven, Maastricht and Sevilla. I can call myself now a Clinical & Neuropsychologist.

The Hobbing Road called life

From a very young age I started to ask myself so many questions and I experienced so many feelings and emotions, some more pleasant than others. My life was characterized by being afraid of being myself. I was torn between what my environment was saying to me and what felt good for myself. My biggest fear (and sometimes still is), was failing and not being understood.

The call of Nature

A few years ago there was an important turning point in my life. My body became very ill and the behavior of my animals made it very clear that I needed to stop with this madness and turn in another direction. I started listening to what nature was saying and what felt right for me.

Life time challenge

I was and still am 100% challenged in listening to my instinct, intuition, soul, feeling, and nature… this is of course a life process.

Falling & Raising

My mind & body can now look at failing in a different way: I know that if I fail, I will find out what the next best thing for me is. And actually, failing doesn’t exist. I have to remind my mind every day again and again, that I can only have the feeling of failure if I don’t trust in life.

Earth school

It took me 30 years to accept how much I feel, see and think. It is something I’m working on continually.

At this point I know that a bigger force than myself is guiding me. I call it Nature. It’s all around and inside us. Some days it feels like it’s my best friend and other days I’m so stuck with understanding why things happen.

The flow of Find Yourself

The vibes that you feel in the ‘Find yourself academy’ are interwoven with my own development path with the experiences of my teachers, both on two legs and on four legs. They repeatedly reminded me that the secrets of life, the most beautiful and the greatest gifts of existence often presented on the back of a black horse. A bow of honor for Guapo, my horse, one of my biggest teachers in life.

I’m not Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey or Gizem Kuru. I still experience insecurity and I still have a humongous amount to learn. Don’t we all?

This is what I know for sure:

  • ‘Living in real connection with myself is my fuel.’
  • ‘Things in life direct me to the supreme moments of my life. Every decision that has profited me has come from me listening to that inner voice first!’
  • ‘In the end, it’s all about surrendering.’
  • We only have two options in life: Yes, I trust or No, I fear.
  • ‘I am here to trigger people to connect to themselves and to live consciously.’


Naturally,when you visit this website you are wondering what it is that I do exactly. For me this is the most difficult part because bringing it into clear words is really challenging. The work that I do has so much to do with energy and vibes and this is difficult to translate into words. I would like to avoid that you use your automatic framing talent to place me in a box that I may never get out of. This I will have to let go.

I can capture what I do in four lines:

  • I trigger people to see and feel themselves
  • I co-operate with horses
  • I apply the laws of nature
  • I write

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