Welcome to the  ‘FIND YOURSELF ACADEMY’ which is dedicated to raising human consciousness and true happiness through interaction with other people, horses and nature.

So, why did I get here?

Most of the people have forgotten to live with nature.

What do I mean with nature?

Nature is all around us: it is the energy that is wandering around us, it is the heart of a passenger, it is my horse, it is the vibration that we can feel, … In the end everything is nature.

The most important thing to recognize is that human kind has to reintegrate the nature laws into their lives again. 

How did I get here?

I don’t use any difficult techniques. Throughout many experiences of falling and rising again and again, life taught me something that I call Nature CODE© (2018 Karolina Nelissen all rights reserved)I developed a way of thinking, feeling and living, which is in full peace with all elements on earth. It is a code with all the important nature laws capitalized. Actually I am not the developer of this. I’m the translator. It already existed from the first second earth was born. I was able to embrace this once again thanks to my horse Guapo and all repetitive conflicts in my life.

 Academy & Psychology

I studied for so many years and tried to combine everything I know. I realized that while it’s nice to have so much knowledge, in the end it comes down to simplicity. We are all individuals with our own energy interacting with each other. Learning how to go back to your instincts and intuitive feeling will help you to make it simple for you.

Psychology and spirituality doesn’t need to be difficult and overwhelming. Not at all! In fact, if it feels like that… something is wrong. Let’s return to the simple.

‘Let life be your greatest teacher.’

Find Yourself